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Artificial Intelligence

The Most Powerful Application of Artificial Intelligence in Sales Technology Ever

Playbook AI uses Aritifical Intelligence to make your sales force more productive and effective by prescribing activities that will generate the highest ROI of time at any given moment.

Predictive Analytics

We have developed the most advanced predictive analytics system in the sales technology world by using the principles of Bayesian Game Theory. We GUARANTEE that activities prescribed by our system to a sales rep is the best use of her time. Or you get your investment back.

Neural Network

We train Playbook AI's neural network to personalize activity prescription to individual lead taking in context their behaviour, company size, designation, language, geography, industry etc.

Sentiment Analysis

We use sentiment analysis to ascertain the interest level as well as personality of the prospect across voice, social media and email.

Lead Nurturing

Build Influential Relationships Through Omnichannel Engagement

Playbook AI is the world's first truly omnichannel sales development platform for B2B which lets you engage with prospects across Email, Phone, SMS, LinkedIn and Twitter from one seamlessly integrated platform.

Email Sequences

Engage with your prospects by opting from a range of email delivery options fully personalized, semi personalized or 100% automated, depending on what your campaign demands, you can sequence emails, and track engagement level, until you receive a reply. Your emails are sent from either Gmail or Outlook id.


Click. Connect. Talk. It's that simple we use the most trusted VoIP infrastructure on the planet Twilio. You pay for what you use. We don't charge you any premium unlike most our competitors.

Call Recording

Call made within Playbook AI are recorded for your sales team to listen in to better understand the prospect's needs before reaching out the next time.


We remind you at the best time when to connect with the prospect on LinkedIn. You could also reply to LinkedIn messages using Playbook AI without visiting LinkedIn.


Engage with your prospects on Twitter right within Playbook AI by sending them tweets, following them and liking their posts- on automation or personally.


Want to remind them about an appointment? We have built in SMS automation for your sales rep to get a higher show up ratio. Oh yes! You can also track link clicks right from our software.


Want to move your prospects to leads when a Zoom call is over? Would you like to see what the prospect asked during the Zoom call before following up with him again? We've got you covered. Now you can access your Zoom call recording as well as move a lead to another stage of the pipeline automatically when a Zoom call is over.

Lead Management

Say No To CRM

Guess how much time it takes to manage leads using Playbook AI, once set up? ZERO! We have developed Playbook AI with one purpose- grow revenue & profitability.

Lead Routing

Automatically route the right lead to the right sales rep depending on time zone and product.

Account Engagement History

View cross-channel and cross-organization communication history- tweets, emails, phone call recordings, emails, notes, Zoom call recordings in instantly with one-click.

Account & Contact Management

Easily access accounts and contacts through a simple search. See account profile, contact profile.


Collecting leads from your marketing funnel got easier. No need to create new webforms. It takes less than 5 min to integrate your existing web forms to Playbook AI.

Lead Enrichment

Automatically add social information as well as personality profiling of your prospects done.

Team Productivity

The 25% Guarantee

We guarantee to increase the sales activities done per day by your sales team by over 25%. Or you get your investment back.


We empower your sales reps to do all their sales activites using one screen without requiring to navigate multiple tabs unlike other CRMs or using multiple apps to engage prospects in social media, email and phone.


Your sales reps are aimlessly surfing the computer? Inform them what tasks to do using our Google Chrome integration in a timely manner. One click in the alert opens the specific task window in the activityboard.

Training Creator

Are your new recruits taking a long time to ramp up? Get your boiler room ready in a few days. Create micro training videos personalized to each task to teach new recruits how to interact with a prospect.

Sales Process Optimization

Making Sales As Data-Driven as Marketing

How much time does it take to implement a small sales process change in your organization? Are you effectively able to A/B test sales processes as the marketing organization in your company? Playbook AI makes it possible.

A/B Testing

Playbook AI lets you A/B test everything- email templates, phone scripts, LinkedIn Message scripts, sales cadence.

Pipeline Creation

Forget the hassle of moving leads from one stage of the pipeline to another. Playbook AI lets you move leads from one stage to another using a number of events which either tracker internally or can be tracked using an API.

Account Based Sales

If you are not on Playbook AI yet, you aren't doing Account Based Sales. Using the same resources you can now run 10x more Account Based Sales campaigns which are at least 3 times more effective.


You think of a report. We create it.

Playbook AI makes your sales meetings more impactful by easily generating any type of information you seek.


Our reporting is built using a robust XML API. We create 100 new types of free reports per year for our enterprise customers.

Team Performance

No other sales technology provides a detailed analysis of your sales team's performance as Playbook AI. We have divided a sales teams performance in 5 categories- copywriting, hustle, social media, phone skills and closing- which lets you know the skill-set gaps in your sales team individually.

Sales Process Performance

Get detailed analysis of how well your organization's sales process is and get recommendations.


Google Calendar

Creating appointments internally as well as with prospects is easy with our Google Calendar integrating. This integration can also be used to move a lead from one stage of the pipeline to the next.


Our Webhooks lets you track your prospects activity in your apps and marketing funnels which existing tools can't track to trigger the most effective sales activities. e.g. you can set a success point in your SaaS application free trial which when reached will trigger a sales activity of your choosing.


We let you connect with apps your business is using right now such as Hubspot, Marketo, Infusionsoft or Salesforce.