Orchestrate Account-Based Playbooks.

Achieve Revenue Excellence by Unifying Your Account-Based Efforts
across Marketing, Prospecting, Sales & Customer Success.

Gain revenue execellence implementing Account based efforts across all the departments.

Win More Opportunities, Accelerate Enterprise Deal Velocity.
& Expand Revenue.

Implement account based prospecting campaigns for increasing ROI.

One to One, One to Few or One to Many

Calibrate your account-based prospecting campaigns for every deal-size to increase opportunity creation and enhance RoI.

Orchestrate account based sales plays for closing deals faster.

Enable Efficient & Effective Collaboration Quicker Closure

Orchestrate account-based sales plays to enable your sales team to strengthen relationships with every stakeholder and decision maker collaboratively, to advance negotiation and close deals faster.

Run one-to-one account based customer success campaigns with existing relationships and expand revenue.

Turn Customer Success Into a Revenue Machine

Leverage your existing relationships and account-knowledge to run one-on-one account-based customer success campaigns to educate your end-user about additional value propositions of your product or service.

ABR Playbooks: Orchestrate, Execute & Gain Insights

Playbook AI enables prospecting, sales, marketing & customer success
practitioners to scale their account-based playbooks effortlessly.

Synchronise omnichannel plays for various roles in your sales team targeting different decision makers in the same account.

Trigger predefined custom activities upon reaching a milestone e.g sending personalised gifts.

Get a 360-degree view of every interaction between your sales team and every stakeholder or decision-maker they have engaged with- notes, phone call recording, email, social media exchanges etc.

Track every metric to turn it into actionable insight by analyzing the account performance based on the number of touchpoints done on the account across different stakeholders through multiple channels like email, phone, and social media.

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Playbook AI Platform:

Sales Orchestration:

Orchestrate omnichannel and account-based plays to better engage your prospects.

Orchestrate sales playbooks to create more sales opportunities.

Sales Execution:

Prescribe your sales reps- which leads to follow-up, when, on which channel and say what.

Guide the sales team with a detailed prescription of all the activities that need to be done and the channels that need to be used.

Sales Analytics:

Gain actionable intelligence to increase your win-rate by leveraging a suite of powerful reporting tools.

Multiply win-rates by gaining actionable insights

Platform Governance:

Ensure security compliance across third-party integrations and platform-users in a hassle-free way.

Maintain security compliances across third-party integrations and platform users


Turn your sales stack into a powerhouse by integrating every tool to work like an unified system.

Integrate all the tools in the sales stack to work like a unified system

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