Exceed Quota. Every Quarter.

Create rules to automatically qualify leads and assign them to the right sales
rep following the right sales playbook. Instantly.

Create rule sets that assign leads automatically to the right playbooks and the right sales reps.

What if not a single lead fell through the crack again?
With Playbook AI’s Inbound Playbooks, it’ll never.

Create various types of automated workflows integrating the CRM with Playbook AI.

Create rules to qualify and assign leads

Integrate your CRM to Playbook AI to create various types of automated workflows: which leads to source, when and assign to who.

Book callbacks instantly.

Engage with your leads instantly

Several research papers have shown there are 3x higher chances to convert a lead to a customer if you’re able to reach them within the first 5 minutes. Orchestrate sales playbooks that enable sales reps to do so. Everytime.

Orchestrate playbooks that automates personalized follow-ups through multiple channels.

Delight Your Customers With Omnichannel Follow-up

Data suggests it takes at least 8 follow-ups on an average to convert a B2B lead to a customer. Orchestrate powerful playbooks that automate as well as personalise follow-up across phone, email and social media.

A powerful follow-up system to maximise inbound revenue.

CRM Integration: Source leads from Salesforce, Hubspot or Zoho in real-time.

Orchestrator: Orchestrate inbound playbooks to enable your sales rep to instantly connect with the leads and follow them up across email, social media and phone.

Lead Segregation: Create lead segregation workflows to automatically qualify them and assign them to the right inbound playbooks.

Lead Routing: Create lead routing workflows based on rules such as size of business, territory, round-robin or any other custom rule.

Automated Meeting Booking: Send automated replies to your leads with a link to your personal calendar booking system.

Analytics: Monitor the performance of your sales reps inbound playbooks and your sales enablement content.

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Playbook AI Platform:

Sales Orchestration:

Orchestrate omnichannel and account-based plays to better engage your prospects.

Orchestrate sales playbooks to create more sales opportunities.

Sales Execution:

Prescribe your sales reps- which leads to follow-up, when, on which channel and say what.

Guide the sales team with a detailed prescription of all the activities that need to be done and the channels that need to be used.

Sales Analytics:

Gain actionable intelligence to increase your win-rate by leveraging a suite of powerful reporting tools.

Multiply win-rates by gaining actionable insights

Platform Governance:

Ensure security compliance across third-party integrations and platform-users in a hassle-free way.

Maintain security compliances across third-party integrations and platform users


Turn your sales stack into a powerhouse by integrating every tool to work like an unified system.

Integrate all the tools in the sales stack to work like a unified system

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