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Earn More Revenue Per Sales Rep

Unlock the true potential of your people, product and processes

Higher Sales Conversion

On an average sales teams who use Playbook AI see their sales conversion increase by 25 to 30 per cent.

Productive sales rep

Sales representatives are able to do 40% more sales activities on Playbook AI using the Activityboard; thus building a healthier sales pipeline.

Shorten Sales Cycle

The omnichannel nurturing and account based solutions for enterprise sales teams help them lower the sales cycle by 20-22% on an average.

Build a stronger & more predictable pipeline

Sales Reps who use Playbook AI do more sales activities and drive better results

World’s First Truly Omni Channel Sales Platform

Did you know sales reps who use omni-channel lead nurturing strategy are 4X more likely to exceed their quota than those who do not?