Achieve Revenue Excellence

Playbook AI enables revenue teams to orchestrate & execute sales playbooks that build more pipeline,
accelerate deal velocity and enhance win-rate.

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Punch Above Your Weight. Consistently.
Across All Roles.

Orchestrate powerful and automated sales playbooks that accelerate the flow and rate of conversion of leads across all the stages of your sales funnel to win more deals and enhance the buying experience.

Sales Operations

Increase sales reps’ efficiency by at least 65%, by providing them play-by-play recommendations on every account, using our proprietary machine learning algorithm that enables reps to do more activities and increase account engagement.

Sales Representatives

Get actionable insights on your sales pipeline- get detailed analysis of which accounts are likely to close,executive buy-ins your sales team doesn’t have, and in-depth strengths and weaknesses of any deal.

Sales Leadership

Works for Sales Organisations Across Industries

Low-touch: Get your sales team to do more activities

Enable the sales team to increase their activities

Sales Cycle:



Phone & Email


Retail, Staffing

Mid-touch: Ensure your sales team never misses a follow-up

Empower the sales team to efficiently follow-up with the leads.

Sales Cycle:



Phone, Email & Social Media


Finance, Real-Estate

High-touch: Accelerate Sales Cycle, Improve Internal Coordination

Accelerate the Sales Cycle by improving internal coordination

Sales Cycle:



Phone, Email, Social Media & Web-conferencing


SaaS, Information Technology

Orchestrate Sales Playbooks for Every Revenue Channel

run high-velocity omnichannel outbound campaigns to build predictable revenue

automate emails, a/b test cold call scripts

measure performance of our outbound sales plays/sales reps to optimize your outbound campaigns and enhance sales coaching

automatically hand off opportunities to your sales team

log activities in your CRM- Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoho, etc.

automatically import leads from your CRM: Salesforce, Zoho, Hubspot etc.

segregate leads based on your preference and apply tags automatically

add tagged leads to your sequences

assign the tasks generated from the sequences to the right sales reps based on round-robin, territory, size and other mechanisms.

Enable your SDRs to increase RoI of your ABM efforts

Run Account-Based Prospecting campaigns to book more meetings

Accelerate deal velocity and increase-win rate by orchestrating account-based sales plays.

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Our customer success team collaborates with your sales organisation for 6-weeks to create, implement and execute best sales practices to accelerate growth.

The program is available for free, for SaaS and Enterprise Technology startups. Since we’re able to help only a limited number of startups, there is an application process.

Please apply by submitting your application or click here to learn more.

Over 60 mid-market & enterprise sales organisation are using Playbook AI to accelerate growth.

Customer Case Studies

123Employee is booking more appointments per sales rep with Playbook AI's sales engagement platform.

Daven Michaels

CEO, 123Employee

123Employee has booked 52% more meetings per rep for their clients, since switching to Playbook AI.


Management Consulting firm Veave Technologies is growing their outbound sales 20% m-o-m with Playbook AI's sales engagement platform.

Vijay BG

MD, Veave Technologies

Veave Technologies has increased revenue earned per sales rep by over 21%.


Sales Development Leaders love Playbook AI's sales orchestration capabilities.

Karthick Raajha

Marketing Consultant, VYMO

Vymo is now able to follow up with 100% of their MQLs effectively.


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