Seamlessly Integrate Playbook AI
with your Sales Stack.

Playbook AI offers out of the box integrations with some of the
leading sales tools such as Salesforce, Zoho, Hubspot etc.

Playbook AI supports Salesforce Integration. Playbook AI supports Hubspot Integration. Playbook AI supports Zoho Integration. Playbook AI supports Linkedin Integration. Playbook AI provide multiple Twilio support. Playbook AI supports Google Integration. Playbook AI supports Twitter Integration.

Get custom integration with an unlimited
number of tools developed for free.

Playbook AI is the first and only sales engagement suite in its class to offer free professional development services to integrate with an unlimited* number of tools that your sales organisation uses for success- whether it is a CRM which we don’t have an out-of-the-box integration for or a data-enrichment SaaS you use.

Webhooks: Do more with your Sales Engagement Suite.

Playbook AI offers webhooks leveraging which you could export data to third-party applications to create an unlimited number of workflows that help you to extend the use of your sales playbooks.

Export data to third party applications by leveraging webhooks.
Create service requests automatically using webhooks for a seamless customer experience.

Better Service Fulfilment

The speed at which a customer service request is fulfilled is critical to the success of businesses in certain industries such as the mortgage & the real-estate brokerage industries. Using Webhooks, sales operations teams can automatically create service requests and hand off a newly closed customer to a service agent for a seamless customer experience.

Hand-off customer data to CPQ system automatically for creating a quote quickly.

Faster Price Quotes

Hand-off data of customers who move into the proposal stage of your sales pipeline to your CPQ system automatically; to enable your sales team to quickly create a compelling quote that helps in accelerating the deal.

Export lead data to third-party platforms using webhooks to gain actionable insights

Data Visualisation

Export customer or lead data using Webhooks to a third-party data visualisation tool like Microsoft PowerBI to develop actionable insights for your sales leadership team

Turn every tool in your sales stack into a harpoon
to close more deals.

Integrate webforms with Playbook AI for assigning leads automatically to the sales team.

Integrate the webforms in your website with Playbook AI to import and assign leads automatically to the sales reps for a quicker follow-up.

Import CRM data and allocate them automatically to the right sales playbooks in Playbook AI.

Integrate your CRM with Playbook AI to import CRM data and allocate the leads automatically to the sales playbooks based on the predefined rules.

Log all the activities of Playbook AI in real-time automatically in the CRM.

All the sales activities done in Playbook AI such as calls, emails, social media outreach, etc are auto-logged into the CRM in real-time to ensure that a single-source-of-truth is maintained in both the platforms.

Update every lead movement within the stages of the CRM automatically in Playbook AI statuses in real-time.

When you move a lead from one stage to another in your CRM the status of the lead is automatically updated in Playbook AI. Similarly any changes made to the status of the lead in Playbook AI, updates the CRM in real-time.

Enrich lead information that is sourced to Playbook AI from the CRM or CSV files.

Integrate Playbook AI with third-party data providers you use, to enrich the contact and social information of the leads imported or uploaded to Playbook AI from CRM or CSV respectively.

Create triggers and workflows using webhooks.

Create triggers to export leads and customer data to third-party applications to create various kinds of workflows or take custom actions using Webhooks.

What Challenges Related to Growth & Revenue
Are You Working On Right Now?

Sales Orchestration:

Orchestrate omnichannel and account-based plays to better engage your prospects.

Orchestrate sales playbooks to create more sales opportunities.

Sales Execution:

Prescribe your sales reps- which leads to follow-up, when, on which channel and say what.

Guide the sales team with a detailed prescription of all the activities that need to be done and the channels that need to be used.

Sales Analytics:

Gain actionable intelligence to increase your win-rate by leveraging a suite of powerful reporting tools.

Multiply win-rates by gaining actionable insights

Platform Governance:

Ensure security compliance across third-party integrations and platform-users in a hassle-free way.

Maintain security compliances across third-party integrations and platform users


Turn your sales stack into a powerhouse by integrating every tool to work like an unified system.

Integrate all the tools in the sales stack to work like a unified system

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