Enable your sales reps to deliver their best. Everyday.

There is absolutely no other sales system in the world that unlocks the potential of
your sales reps like Playbook AI does.

“Our sales reps have been achieving at least a 30% higher engagement rate, since we switched to Playbook AI for our outbound campaigns” - Vijay BG, Veave Technologies

Management Consulting firm Veave Technologies is growing their outbound sales 20% m-o-m with Playbook AI's sales engagement platform.

Build the best performing sales team in your industry.

Boost Performance

Enable the sales team to increase their efficiency and maintain a consistent productivity. Enable every rep to produce like the top performer:

Playbook AI enables sales representatives to execute tasks- as per the sales playbooks and prioritisation done by our proprietary machine learning algorithms- such as sending and replying to emails, making phone calls, sending LinkedIn requests and even engaging with prospects on Twitter from one unified interface, which makes them more efficient and productive.

Reduce Turnover

Achieve a higher success rate with less effort. Enable your sales reps to achieve more with much less stress:

Sales reps are able to methodically reach out to multiple stakeholders in an account and get a higher engagement rate than what they receive right now, effortlessly. They not only create more success for the company and themselves, but they are able to achieve it without any stress.

Enhance Ramp-up Time

Provide play-by-play recommendations and 'hands-on' sales coaching to the sales team with Playbook AI. Create a powerful ‘hands-on‘ sales coaching program:

Playbook AI provides play by play recommendations at every account level- when to follow up, on which channel and say what; thus enabling your sales reps to ramp up quicker. Furthermore, we also enable you to deliver pre-recorded micro coaching content just ahead of the activities the sales rep is about to do; thus providing them adequate help to learn quicker.

A Sales Engagement System that your Sales Reps will love to use everyday.

Automatically capture every communication between the SDR and the prospect for greater visibility.

View a comprehensive history of all the touchpoints and conversations between the sales reps across the organization and the target accounts at one place to set the next course of activities for driving the best outcome.

Get all the prospect responses across multiple channels and other active sales campaigns.

Enable the sales reps to get a quick scan of all the responses from prospects across channels and across all active sales campaigns.

Manage multiple stakeholders within an account efficiently by planning the account-level activities.

Multiple leads from the same company are automatically converted into an ‘account’ for better planning of account level activities and to view a collective history of all earlier touch points across all stakeholders. Our analytics-first product thinking also enables sales reps to easily gauge strengths and weaknesses in an account quickly which enables them to take remedial steps in time.

Enable the sales team to follow the task prescription in the sales playbooks effortlessly.

Enable your sales reps to follow the sales playbooks created by your sales development leaders effortlessly and consistently; so that they never miss a follow-up again. Sales reps who use activityboard also boost their performance due to the time saved in engaging with prospects across email, phone and social media using a single window and the increase in the engagement rate due to the machine learning based task prescription.

Built-in appointment scheduled integrated with Google Calendar to book more meetings easily.

Your sales reps can set up their personal calendar link that automatically syncs with Google calendar and shows available slots to the prospects; for them to easily book a meeting. For prospects who prefer to be sent a calendar invitation, an invitation can be quickly created and sent from the Activityboard itself.

What Challenges Related to Growth & Revenue
Are You Working On Right Now?

Sales Orchestration:

Orchestrate omnichannel and account-based plays to better engage your prospects.

Orchestrate sales playbooks to create more sales opportunities.

Sales Execution:

Prescribe your sales reps- which leads to follow-up, when, on which channel and say what.

Guide the sales team with a detailed prescription of all the activities that need to be done and the channels that need to be used.

Sales Analytics:

Gain actionable intelligence to increase your win-rate by leveraging a suite of powerful reporting tools.

Multiply win-rates by gaining actionable insights

Platform Governance:

Ensure security compliance across third-party integrations and platform-users in a hassle-free way.

Maintain security compliances across third-party integrations and platform users


Turn your sales stack into a powerhouse by integrating every tool to work like an unified system.

Integrate all the tools in the sales stack to work like a unified system

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