Introducing the Sales Excellence Program

The Most Effective, Fastest & Risk-free Way To Deploying a Sales Engagement
System in your Sales Org to Drive Growth & Achieve Excellence.

We do the heavy-lifting & the legwork involved for a full-scale
implementation of a Sales Engagement System.

Our customer success team collaborates with every stakeholder to roll-out a Sales Engagement System
tailor-made to your organisational needs at zero-upfront cost.

Optimize the existing sales playbooks with Playbook AI and implement every component based on requirements.

Done-for-you Implementation

Get Our Customer Success Team Do the Heavy Lifting

Implementing a Sales Engagement System is very challenging; if not done properly it can be an expensive failure. Our expert customer success team navigates through every challenge and does the heavy lifting of auditing the existing sales process to optimise sales playbook, getting the integrations done, cadences & communication templates set-up, and training your sales team until everyone is fully operational.

Playbook AI offers a 4-week free implementation programme of the sales engagement platform.

Zero Upfront Cost

We Don’t Bill You Until You’re Satisfied

We care about your success more than ‘closing a deal’. To that end, our customer success team not only helps you achieve 100% sales transformation success by implementing the world’s most advanced sales engagement system, but also do it for free until you’re fully satisfied. There are no other products in its class which offer this convenience.

Build pipeline predictably by orchestrating Account Based Prospecting playbooks.

Complimentary Workshops

Launch Account-Based Prospecting Playbooks

Account-Based Prospecting not only helps you build pipeline predictably, it also helps you win those prized-accounts you have always wanted to win. But what is ‘Account-Based Prospecting’, how to orchestrate a playbook for your organisation, how to train your reps to execute such campaigns. Learn everything and much more in our exclusive workshops for free.

Who is the Sales Excellence Program for?

Who can opt for the Sales Excellence Program?

The Sales Excellence Program is for High-Growth & Data Driven Sales Organisations with a minimum of 5 sales representatives who

  1. are looking to implement a sales engagement system
  2. have a sales engagement system but not implemented or adopted well.
  3. are looking to launch their outbound program
  4. want to develop an Account-Based Prospecting or Sales program

Achieve Sales Engagement
Transformation Success.

We hand-hold every stakeholder, every step of their way and provide them the necessary
information, tools & assistance in this power packed four-week program.

Program Details

Playbook AI audits your existing sales playbooks.

Week 1

  • For Sales Operations Manager

    Auditing Sales Playbooks

    In the first week, we review your existing sales playbooks, understand your customer and your product.

Week 2

  • For Sales Leadership & Sales Ops

    Optimise Sales Playbooks

    We use our experience, expertise and the industry benchmarks we know of to optimise your sales playbooks.

  • For Sales Ops & Sales Reps

    Sales Communication & Enablement Optimisation- recommendation

    Getting the right message across to the right person, at the right time using the right time is very important. We will collaborate with your team to help optimise your sales enablement & outreach emails.

Playbook AI optimizes the existing sales playbooks and provides recommendations.
Playbook AI starts implementing everything that is required for a successful sales execution.

Week 3

  • For Sales Ops & Sales Reps

    Playbook AI - done for your implementation- creating automated workflows, sales plays, integrations, sequences, training etc.

    Our customer success team does everything- from setting up an instance for your organisation, to setting up the requisite integrations and the playbooks. We hand off the system when your sales reps start getting recommendations on which leads to follow up and when.

Week 4

  • For Sales Ops & Sales Reps

    Track performance of the sales plays & sales team to recommend optimisation

    After Playbook AI is successfully implemented our team monitors the performance of your sales reps as well as the new and optimised playbooks to make further recommendations. This is when you would start seeing signs of better outcomes.

  • For Sales Ops

    Sales Engagement System Management Handoff

    When your sales playbooks are ready and fully operational, we train every stakeholder on how to govern and use Playbook AI.

Playbook AI tracks the performance of the sales plays and the sales team and once it is fully operation a hand-off is done.

See the Most Advanced Sales Engagement Platform in Action