Orchestrate Powerful Outbound Playbooks,
To Dominate Your Market

Orchestrate Outbound Playbooks that personalise follow-up activities by
gauging the tiniest change in prospect’s behavior to optimise reply-rate.

Orchestrate outbound playbooks with highly personalized follow-up activities for maximum engagement.

Enhance Your Outreach to Opportunity Creation
Rate By Over 23%.

Leverage machine learning algorithm to optimize the effectiveness of the outbound playbooks.

Prescribe which leads to follow up and when

Our powerful machine learning algorithms learn how your audience engages with your sales reps to optimise the effectiveness of the Outbound Playbooks you orchestrate.

Use the most advanced visual sales playbook builder and personalize follow-up activities across multiple channels

Highly Personalised Communication Across Channels

Leverage industry’s first and most advanced visual sales playbook builder to gauge every possible prospect’s response to personalise the follow-up activities across email, phone, sms, Linkedin & Twitter.

Scale the sales team's outreach leveraging powerful automation.

Reach More Accounts With Same Effort

Leverage powerful automation and sales execution features Playbook AI offers to scale outreach and do more personalised activities using a unified customer engagement interface.

Everything You Need to Build Predictable Revenue. And More.

Gmail Integration: Integrate your business Gmail account to Playbook AI to add email follow-up steps to your Outbound Playbooks.

Integrated Telephony: Voice, SMS, Conference, Call Masking and more

Automation: Create highly personalised templates for Email, SMS and Twitter and automate delivery.

LinkedIn: Automatically track when a LinkedIn request is accepted to trigger a new follow-up activity in your Outbound Playbooks.

CRM Integration: Automatically log sales reps activities in your CRM of choice- Salesforce, Hubspot or Zoho.

Analytics: Gain actionable insights on the performance of your sales reps, outbound playbooks and templates to improvise them.

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Playbook AI Platform:

Sales Orchestration:

Orchestrate omnichannel and account-based plays to better engage your prospects.

Orchestrate sales playbooks to create more sales opportunities.

Sales Execution:

Prescribe your sales reps- which leads to follow-up, when, on which channel and say what.

Guide the sales team with a detailed prescription of all the activities that need to be done and the channels that need to be used.

Sales Analytics:

Gain actionable intelligence to increase your win-rate by leveraging a suite of powerful reporting tools.

Multiply win-rates by gaining actionable insights

Platform Governance:

Ensure security compliance across third-party integrations and platform-users in a hassle-free way.

Maintain security compliances across third-party integrations and platform users


Turn your sales stack into a powerhouse by integrating every tool to work like an unified system.

Integrate all the tools in the sales stack to work like a unified system

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