Vymo had two challenges:

  • Vymo has a phenomenal marketing team which consistently generates highly quality MQLs through various channels like webinar, trade shows, LinkedIn etc. Now they had to:

    i. Efficiently assign the MQLs to a SDR team to convert them into opportunities.
    ii. Orchestrate playbooks for the SDR team, so that they follow up with the MQLs effectively.

  • The product marketing team developed a target account list however, they needed a sales orchestration and execution platform to:

    i. Increase account coverage
    ii. Increase outreach to opportunity ratio.

Why Playbook AI?

Vymo had subscribed to one of the leading sales engagement systems in the world. Along with Salesforce their sales stack was quite mature except for one bottleneck.

The adoption of the sales engagement system was negligible even though they had been subscribed to it for 3 years.

After engaging with the Playbook AI team, Vymo saw the following potential:

  • Playbook AI has a robust sales orchestration feature to build powerful playbooks for their marketing and sales organisations.

  • Playbook AI’s flagship feature- the Activityboard removes nearly all adoption barriers. The SDRs didn’t have to spend time researching their CRM on which activities to perform next; the activityboard prescribed activities play by play on a minute by minute basis throughout the day, to navigate through all the objections to open conversations.

    Furthermore the activityboard also equipped the sales rep with all the tools such as sending highly personalised and automating emails, making phone calls, sending SMSes, engaging on LinkedIn and on Twitter effortlessly from one unified simple interface that didn’t require the SDRs to even switch tabs; thus increasing productivity.

  • The Sales Excellence Program: implementing a Sales Engagement System is a tedious, long, complex and often expensive process; sometimes it is even prone to failure as Vymo had already experienced.

    Playbook AI offers a 4-week Sales Excellence Program (for a select few high growth technology startups which Vymo was qualified for) in which their customer success team does the heavy lifting and the legwork involved in the successful implementation and adoption of Playbook AI’s sales engagement system at zero upfront cost; thus de-risking any financial commitment needed when implementing other Sales Engagement Systems and also incentivising Playbook AI’s customer success team to do a great job.


1. Playbook AI’s implementation and Vymo’s sales ops teams collaborated to set up the Salesforce integration- mapping the Round Robin IDs to Playbook AI’s user ids, activity logs, mapping stages to Playbook AI’s stages etc.

2. The platform governance rules around data accessibility within Vymo were set up.

3. The sales development and ABM leaders at Vymo orchestrated omnichannel playbooks using industry-first drag and drop features.

4. The correct MQL filters were applied to source leads from Salesforce and add them to the right plays in Playbook AI.

5. For the outbound leads a workflow for hand-off was created to export leads to Salesforce when opportunities were created.

6. The SDR teams were trained and given access to their Activity Boards.

7. Using Playbook AI’s robust Sales Analytics capability, custom dashboards were set-up for the various stakeholders at Vymo.


  • Full visibility into every account level engagement across every decision maker and stakeholder
  • Leads that fell through the crack since Playbook AI’s implementation: Negligible
  • SDR productivity up by:
  • Prospect engagement up by:
  • MQL to Conversion rate up by:


Vymo is the leading sales acceleration platform for financial institutions. They are based out of San Mateo, California with offices in Bangalore, Singapore and Jakarta.

200,000+ sales reps across financial giants like AXA, Generali, HDFC and more than 60 others, use Vymo to optimise their productivity.

Vymo is backed by leading venture capital firms like Sequoia, Innoven, and Emergence Capital and has a team of over 30 people in their sales organisation.

INDUSTRY: Information Technology & Services
Number of Employees: 201-500
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“Vymo is now able to follow up with 100% of their MQLs effectively.”

Sales Development Leaders love Playbook AI's sales orchestration capabilities.

Karthick Raajha
Marketing Consultant